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Commercial Townsville

36kW Solar System and a 25kW Solar System installed for NQ Truck Bake in Townsville. The system included a total of 200 x 300W Seraphim Monocrystalline panels and a 3 x Fronius Symo inverters.

Trinity Beach Residential

19.8kW Solar System installed in Trinity Beach for a young family. The system includes 60 x 330W Seraphim Half Blade panels and a Sungrow 15kW inverter.

Port Douglas SolarEdge

19.5kW SolarEdge System installed in Port Douglas. The system includes 63 x 310W SolarEdge panels and 3 x SolarEdge HD Wave inverters.

Nerada Install – Tindo Panels

13.2kW Solar System installed in Nerada, Far North Queensland using 42 x 315W Australian Made Tindo panels and a Fronius Symo 15kW inverter.

Kurrimine Beach SolarEdge

6.6kW SolarEdge System installed in Kurrimine Beach using 22 x 300W SolarEdge panels and SolarEdge HD Wave inverter.

Malanda Post Office

6.6kW Solar System installed for Malanda Post Office using 20 x 330W Seraphim Half Blade panels and Fronius Primo 5kW inverter.

Mount Sheridan Battery Storage

7.8kW SolarEdge System installed in Mount Sheridan. This system includes 19.6kWh of Battery Storage.

How Do Solar Inverters Work In Cairns

The Best Solar Inverters in Cairns NQ Solar

The popularity of hybrid systems or home battery storage systems is growing; however storage batteries are still in their initial stages and most solar panel installations are in need of a reliable solar power inverter. 

Tips For Cleaning Solar Panels In Cairns

Cleaning Solar Panels In Cairns Solar NQ

Solar photovoltaic systems are self-cleaning but may require a wash once in a while when dirt builds up and starts to reduce the capacity of energy generated. For residue like pollen and dust, it gets washed every time it rains.

$2.2bn Home Battery Scheme To Benefit Solar Storage Batteries In Cairns


The Australian Greens has launched a policy designed to accelerate uptake of home battery for solar storage in Cairns. According to the federal Labour party’s proposal, the scheme will allocate a whole $2 billion on home solar storage batteries along with incentives of up to $7,000 for each battery, beginning July 2019 and reducing each year to July 2023.

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