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How Do Solar Inverters Work In Cairns

The Best Solar Inverters in Cairns NQ Solar

The popularity of hybrid systems or home battery storage systems is growing; however storage batteries are still in their initial stages and most solar panel installations are in need of a reliable solar power inverter. 

Tips For Cleaning Solar Panels In Cairns

Cleaning Solar Panels In Cairns Solar NQ

Solar photovoltaic systems are self-cleaning but may require a wash once in a while when dirt builds up and starts to reduce the capacity of energy generated. For residue like pollen and dust, it gets washed every time it rains.

$2.2bn Home Battery Scheme To Benefit Solar Storage Batteries In Cairns


The Australian Greens has launched a policy designed to accelerate uptake of home battery for solar storage in Cairns. According to the federal Labour party’s proposal, the scheme will allocate a whole $2 billion on home solar storage batteries along with incentives of up to $7,000 for each battery, beginning July 2019 and reducing each year to July 2023.

Monocrystalline vs. Polycrystalline Solar Panels in Cairns


Saving money on your energy bills is one of the main reasons why you should go solar regardless of whether you purchase a poly or mono solar panel. The solar purchase decision you make will generally be influenced by your budget, space limitation and of course personal preferences.

A Guide To Solar Inverters in Cairns

A Cairns Guide To Solar Panel Inverters

Efficiency refers to the amount of electricity successfully converted from DC to AC by the inverter. For instance, an inverter that is at 92% efficiency wastes 8% of the solar panel’s power generation during the conversion process. Majority of inverters come with efficiencies above 95%. The best units boast around 98% efficiency.

Product Review: SolarEdge Inverter and Power Optimiser

Solar Edge Inverter Review Cairns

SolarEdge Technologies is ranked among the fastest growing and most innovative solar inverter producers globally, and the third biggest inverter manufacturer in the world after German’s SMA and China’s giant Huawei renowned for electronics. Headquartered in Israel, SolarEdge Technologies supplies a broad array of inverters for application in commercial, residential and small utility-scale solar PV installations, as well as a variety of optimisers and energy battery storage solutions. Incepted in 2006, SolarEdge stands tall as a distinct Inverter supplier given they manufacture the more ‘intelligent inverter systems’ that give the ordinary string solar inverters a run for their money. The …read more

Shell Plans 120MW Solar Farm, Says Sonnen Has Sold 3,000 Units In Australia

Shell Plans 120MW Solar Farm Sonnen

When it comes to transition, there’s increasing adoption of electrons as opposed to litres of fuel, and according to the Australia Shell chair the company’s partnership with Sonnen, a reputable German battery maker is expected to grow even deeper.

Solar Monitoring Systems

Cairns SolarEdge Monitoring Device

A solar monitoring system is essential in helping you determine the performance of your solar PV system. Just as the name suggests, the system provides useful information about energy production and usage, how to optimise your energy consumption as well as any damage to the solar system, among others. As such, monitoring your solar setup is vital and without this routine you’ll not be able to determine whether your panels are performing at their optimal. How a solar monitoring system works A solar monitoring system operates in tandem with the solar inverter. In most cases, solar companies sell solar inverters …read more

Product Review: Hanwha Q CELLS Solar Panels

Product Review Hanwha Q CELLS Solar Panels

Headquartered in two powerful cities—Seoul in South Korea and Thalheim in Germany, Hanwha Q CELLS is certainly one of the biggest solar system manufacturers in the world. Boasting an attractive combination of reasonable pricing and superior quality, Hanwha Q Cells is increasingly becoming a preferred choice for smart solar shoppers. When it comes to your solar investment, a little research and review of product options on the market would go a long way in helping you make the right decision. To make your research process quick and easy, Hielscher Electrical has carefully created this Hanwha Q CELLS review to help …read more

Townsville flooding could worsen with more heavy rain and dam releases

Approximately 20,000 homes are on the verge of being completely swamped if the current heavy rains in northern Queensland continue, authorities warn. Steve Munroe, the Acting Chief Superintendent said their records show that about 500 homes in the area were prone to flooding. This is just crazy and if the rains continue all through the weekend and next week, we could start talking of 10,000 to 20,000 homes. “It’s those vulnerable neighbourhoods at the moment, homes built in the low-lying areas with water in their backyard”, he said. According to the Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill, the police in conjunction with …read more

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