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Solar Storage - Home Battery Systems

Home battery storage systems mean a lot to renewable energy-conscious customers. If you’ve already installed solar panels on your rooftop, congratulations!

You’re among the two million Australian homes that have installed solar!

Of course we all know that a solar system transforms the sun’s heat into energy for our consumption while a solar storage battery system safely holds your surplus power for use at night or on overcast days, right?

Ideally, not having an energy battery bank simply means you cannot store the energy produced by your system.

And if you rely on the grid, then not having a storage battery translates to no backup energy when the grid suffers a power outage.

At this juncture, we can confidently say that there are obvious benefits of storing any excess energy in a battery. Batteries are vital in keeping your system up and running.

But just where can you find the best home battery systems to install? Well, we made the search easier for you—at Hielscher Electrical Solar Energy!

As one of the leading solar and electrical companies in the region, Hielscher Electrical Solar Energy is reliable with excellent solutions for those considering installing solar plus storage options.

Our solar and battery solutions feature high round-trip efficiency, safe depth of discharge (DoD), excellent power ratings and battery capacity, long warranties and sourced from reputable manufacturers. In essence, our home battery systems:

  • Deliver several thousand charge-discharge cycles
  • Can be discharged heavily (about 80–90% of their total capacity)
  • Are ideal for a variety of ambient temperatures
  • Can last for more than 10 years for normal use

The Best Battery Dealers

In conjunction with the world’s best solar storage system manufacturers, we supply cutting-edge storage solutions at incredible prices for innovative brands like Tesla, Enphase, LG and SMA.

With our home battery installations, we get you off the grid and completely independent of utility companies while giving you control over your power consumption.

As a trusted installer for battery installation, we are committed to customer satisfaction and hence give you value for your investment in home battery storage.

We also guarantee top quality battery systems installed with the expertise of our competent electricians that boast over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

As electricity bills continue to soar, Hielscher Electrical Solar Energy customers are happily locking in lower power bills by installing solar power plus storage rather than depending on the grid for their electricity. Investing in solar and home battery systems remains the most effective way for Australians to safeguard themselves against the rising power costs.

For more information on this and more, contact us on 07 4033 0521 for free consultation and quote.

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