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Solar Power Cairns and Queensland Specials

Solar power is an affordable renewable option that allows you to take advantage of your rooftop to save tens of thousands of dollars on your electricity bill for many years to come.

Designed to deliver utmost versatility across Queensland, Hielscher Electrical and Solar Energy delivers Cairns’ best solar power brands at the best prices alongside practical advice to help you maximise your energy savings with solar.

Whether you’re in Cairns, Mareeba, Innisfail, Kuranda, Gordanvale, Smithfield, Redlynch or any other town or city across the country, we take the hassle out of your reduced power bills.

Our crew works around the clock and can be contacted on 07 4033 0521 for more information on the available government incentives and our unmatched offers on solar power solutions!

Queensland feed-in tariff (FIT)

For households situated in South East Queensland, the FIT rate varies from one retailer to another. However, the current rate in the provincial Queensland is 6p/kWh.

Estimated annual power savings are as follows:

4.05kW solar panel: $1,026 – $1,251

5.01kW solar panel: $1,270 – $1,547

The above power charges in Brisbane are evaluated based on a 24c/kWh electricity cost and 7c feed-in tariff with 50-70% being utilisation of electricity generated by solar systems without storage batteries and a 70-100% utilisation of electricity produced by solar panels installed with storage batteries.

Call our friendly Cairns solar power crew with decades of experience on our hotline at 07 4033 0521 to find out more about solar batteries!

Solar power investment

Installing a top-of-the-range solar panel is a viable long-term investment that adds value to your home. As such, purchasing a solar system can be a rewarding venture that can help you combat the ever rising energy prices.

Boasting licensed solar electricians that are backed by leading international solar brands; we deliver top-quality solar solutions with a bespoke experience.

If you’re looking for a reliable solar company for your next solar panel installation project, this is it! Serving Brisbane, Cairns, Queensland and beyond, our solar panels guarantee superior system performance and 25-year product warranties to give you peace of mind.

For more information on our solar and electrical packages, contact us.

The Hielscher Electrical and Solar Energy Cairns Guarantee

We are the best electrical and solar power company in Queensland. From offering technical support, special offers, full-service warranties, real-time monitoring set-ups to dedicated support teams, we ensure our customers get value for their money.

What’s more, we help you make the most of the sun by ensuring superb solar module designs, installation and workmanship.

Our superior quality solar products installed by highly skilled and licensed solar experts mean we’ve got you covered. If you need any technical support, our local Queensland solar specialists are prompt and get there on time to give you the best level of support.

As one of the top solar system installers in Cairns and Queensland, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and can only promise to help you make the most of the sun to power your future.

Contact or visit us today to get a feel of what we offer.

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