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They say every dark cloud has a silver lining and yes, the skyrocketing Australian power bills are only serving to make solar energy a bright idea in the Land Down Under.

Electricity costs are sanely up and gnawing hard. BTW, did you know that Australia is one of the countries with the world’s highest power charges?
With the ever rising cost of electricity, it makes sense for both households and businesses to take control of their bills and save big on quality solar panels from Hielscher Electrical; Queensland’s premier solar power installer.

As one of the biggest and most innovative independent solar, storage and electrical companies in Australia, Hielscher is your best choice when looking for not only a superior-quality solar system but also great customer service and excellent workmanship.

Thanks to advanced solar technology, solar power is quickly becoming more affordable with a good quality solar panel having a 3-5 years payback period, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars on your electricity bills over the system’s life.

Considering the fantastic rebates provided by both state and federal governments and the significant fall in prices of high-efficiency panels, now is the best time to make the switch to solar.

Reliable Solar Company for your Solar Investment

Hielscher Electrical is a CEC accredited electrical and solar energy Cairns Installation Company that boasts a local team of highly trained, experienced and certified professionals with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Specialising in designing, building and installing premium solar solution at competitive prices, we help you reduce your carbon footprint whilst reducing your electricity bill. Our Cairns solar energy brands are delivered locally at the best prices.

Thanks to our happy and fulfilled Cairns customers, we are a 5-star rated company. You too can join our long list of happy customers. We are only a call or click away.

Hielscher Electrical and Solar Energy offers a comprehensive range of solutions including solar power, solar storage batteries and electrical services to your convenience.

As part of our accurate solar quote services, we provide free on-site solar inspections and ensure the recommended solar system delivers the best solution for your family, business, property and location.

Solar power plus storage battery is a winning combination that can fundamentally decrease your dependence of the main electricity grid. With a supportive team of solar experts, we can help you choose the best solar and battery type and size to power your household or business energy needs.

When It’s Time to Invest In Solar

Trust Hielscher Electrical for quality products at the best price with interest free payment plans. Our broad range of packages consists of quality products and components that deliver superior performance even in the toughest conditions in Tropical NQ.

With our all-inclusive solar solutions, we sure have something for every budget. If you’re interested but are still teetering on whether it’s time to go solar, talk to our experts today or schedule a free solar site inspection and solar quote.

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