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Make fantastic savings on solar in Queensland with Hielscher Electrical’s innovative and excellent solar solutions. We are a CEC accredited installer and a Master Electrician member offering a range of high quality solar products and electrical services in Queensland’s Cairns (postcode 4870) and south region. Our broad network of solar and electrical professionals that specialise in residential and commercial solar installations means we deliver the best solar services throughout QLD.

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The details below provide output estimates for installing a solar system in Cairns as well as other useful solar energy related statistics and information pertinent to Cairns’ South region. For expert advice on solar and battery storage solutions that match your needs, contact our accredited Queensland team on 07 4033 0521.

Cairns’ solar power resources

Ordinarily, Cairns experiences solar radiation levels of about 5.27 KWh daily per square metre. As such, solar power systems in Cairns ought to be installed facing the northern direction. The most ideal panel angle ranges between 1° and 11° with an optimal angle of 6°. Generally, the actual installation angle for rooftop solar PV installation is determined by the roof’s inclination.

Projected solar system performance in Cairns

The following information only applies to unshaded and north-facing solar panels installed in Cairns and relates to solar components designed for Cairns’ weather conditions.

1.59kW (6 x 265 Watt solar PV system)

Average daily panel output in Cairns: 7.5384 kWh**
Minimum daily (monthly average) system output: 5.8482 kWh**
Maximum daily (monthly average) system production: 9.3258 kWh**
Average annual panel output: 2752 kWh**
Approximate annual electricity cost: $825 **
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3.18kW (12 x 265 Watt solar PV system)

Average daily system production in Cairns: 15.0768 kWh**
Minimum daily (monthly average) system output: 11.6964 kWh**
Maximum daily (monthly average) production: 18.6516 kWh**
Average annual output: 5505 kWh**
Estimated annual power cost: $1651 **
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5.3kW (20 x 265 Watt solar PV system)

Average daily system production in Cairns: 25.128 kWh**
Minimum daily (monthly average) solar system output: 19.494 kWh**
Maximum daily (monthly average) solar energy output: 31.086 kWh**
Average annual production of the system: 9175 kWh**
Estimated cost of this energy each year: $2752 **
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Solar power installations in Cairns, QLD, 4870

Currently, Cairns’ postcode 4870 has 4443 solar system installations that churn out 16,709.88 kW of capacity. This represents 0.291% of all solar panel installations in Australia.

Solar system owners in Cairns’ QLD 4870 are producing a median of 88061 kWh each day, hence saving cumulatively about $792,550 every month and $9,642,687 each year. The electricity generated by solar arrays in postcode 4870 is capable of powering 4642 households in Australia.

Cairns solar overtaking coal fired power

Solar system owners in Cairns’ postcode 4870 are unanimously avoiding the 32142 tonnes of coal-fired energy or 12857 tonnes of the gas-fired energy of carbon emissions produced annually; which equates to taking 4620 to 11538 vehicles off Cairns’ roads.

Other relevant Cairns info

Cairns’ coordinates includes 16.925397, 145.775178 with its weather station situated at Cairns Airport. On average, the weather station reports the following readings:

Solar radiation in Cairns: 5.27 kWh/sq m/day
Wind speed: 3.77 m/s
Air pressure: 98.64 kPa
Humidity: 75.29%
Air temperature: 24.39 degrees C
Earth temperature:25.22 degrees C

Additional Notes on solar system performance in Cairns

The above figures are only estimates. For example, the retail price of electricity for households in Cairns is assumed to be 30c/kWh.

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We have a reliable team of experienced installers that service Cairns and its surroundings including Cairns’ South region. For more information on affordable and first-class solar solutions in QLD, get a quick solar quote or check our super solar specials for excellent performing residential and commercial solar power systems tailored to suit your needs.

Home Storage Battery Systems in Cairns

Be a part of Cairns’ home energy battery storage revolution today! We provide and install superior quality, battery-ready solar PV systems in Cairns or the Cairns South region. Contact our Queensland team today for a free solar site inspection and quote on your solar needs at 07 4033 0521.

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